Latest jungle releases by junglists from all over the world.

EP: D.I.S – Positive Vibez

Mi bredda D.I.S outta chemnitz/germany bringin positive jungle vibes with his brand new In Da Jungle Recordings digital release called Positive Vibez, second tune is Rockerz.

Supa Ape – Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker uses stop motion animation and frenetic editing of 8mm film, stock footage and much more to stimulate the audience, creating a plethora of movements and textures to imitate the order and chaos ever-present in our modern world.

FLeCK – 46 Free Tunes

Jet setting Rub-a-Dub-Junglist FLeCK is a producer and DJ whose name is on everyone’s lips when it comes to fresh Jungle bangers, wobbling 140 workouts and bringing warmth to a room.