Yorkshire’s Galvatron returns to DJ Hybrid’s Deep In The Jungle with his most generous EP in a long time. Six tracks, all sitting happily at the blistered, frazzled edge of jungle, each cut kicks hard with his signature ruffled edge. Highlights include the Vamp-style techno detuned synth hook and spatially-stretched drums of “System Test”, the sunkissed skanks and the brutal tin-pan smacking drum tones of “Shack Out” and the classic house vox subversion of the lead track on “Never Enough”. Pure jungle power jams.

Buy this EP on JunoDownload here.

Galvatron – Never Enough
Galvatron – Im Right Here
Galvatron – System Test
Galvatron – Water Technique
Galvatron – Shack Out
Galvatron – No Wicked VIP

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