Raggajungle.biz is the right place to find great samples for jungle music. With the latest samples from established producers and beatmakers we provide you free sample packs and loops, if you have no sampler in ya headquarter. We’ve listed the best samplepacks for Jungle, Dubwize, Drum & Bass and EDM. There are many links you will find online, but here are some samples/-packs selected by RaggaJungle.biz for all producers. Feel free to comment this post for more resources.

We are not responsible for the content of the pages behind these links. Please post only legal resources.


  1. To ph
    Dont you think Ragga Jungle sounds cool because of the re-use of a lot of older sample to get a vibe or sound, along with original drum fills and rhythms.
    Just saying but yes creating your own samples to add to these vibes is also important.
    Just saying……

  2. Geez ph, someone takes the time to compile & post an awesome sample resource and you complain? I’ll assume all of your production is made purely using your own original samples then.

    Of course there’s going to be a heap of new producers making stuff that sounds similar, that’s how you learn – the tunes that stand out are ones which use samples creatively, regardless of their origin.


    Thanks for sharing r-j.biz!

  3. ok, but dont you think that, when you want to create your very own music you should use your own samples?

    I dont now how difficult is to create sample, so sorry for my nescience

  4. some people dont know, how to make their own samples, or they dont have a sampler. so its only YOUR creativity to make a good tune. nobody need to use these sample-packs, its only a suggestion.


  5. because, I think that most new track here or at ragga-jungle.com from new young producers using still that same samples and sounds similar for me,… so start create your own samples please.

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