my favourite style is nuskool jungle or raggajungle with new reggae-tunes.

Now i wanna know what YOU prefer. If more people says that they like oldskool jungle i will add some old mixes i found on my pc and add more oldskool-mixes to the site.

Please Vote!

More oldskool jungle on raggajungle.biz?

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  1. yo framo, you are def. right!
    the question is: what is “oldskool”. is it 70s, 80s, 90s, 20s?

    i think for all the new (and older) jungle headz it is different.

    i will add later some mixes from 2k3-2k7. it is not the old-oldskool, but its not new and i will call it oldskool, too. and there are so much sick mixes with general malice, prodigal son, DJ K, the disciple …


  2. once upon time there was… ;)

    i don’t vote. for me there aren’t whether pro nor con to do so. i believe it’s useless to put up some links to oldschool mixes and think that it educate new heads. all members here have already been in jungle since a while and have just searched any background links for your own. in any case any feature about the early scene would be more reasonable to give new listeners some further links or an overview for further search.

    i’m here to hunt and catch any news. i passed the old time so that’s why it doesn’t really surprise me to be confronted everytime with this issue anew. maybe younger headz need it more. dunno?

  3. word!

    we can’t ignore music is changing and taking new directions withing a few years.
    take it as it comes but nah forget your home: london 94! :D

    looking forward to listen to your ealry tapes mashup!

  4. thx all for opinions!

    the mixes i have are not really “oldskool”. i have many many mixes from 2k3-2k7. but now in 2k9 … its oldskool too! :D

  5. since its a poll i take it u want my opinion so
    i voted for yes to more oldskool, i think its important for all the new jungle heads to learn some history,*edit, ok just read safarista has said all this!!

    well its not like we have so much material here that were swamped, why not?

    and check out a nicky blackmarket & stevie hyper d live tapes!!

  6. i couldnt vote for either cuz a mix of both answers is what we need. we cant forget the roots but we cant ignore the future either.
    jungle has evolved over the years… this site has both established and upcoming artists with a diverse range of ragga music. its pretty good as is…maybe a few more of dem “classics” ;z)

  7. Old-school is Roots of dis music! Wi kyaan to figet our Roots!
    Mo’fiyah fi babylon! Bless!

  8. definitely more oldskool, for education purposes!

    people can’t start with nuskool with knowing the basics seen?

    to understand raggajungle it is absolutely necessary to know oldskool as well as reggae music!

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