Foot Long Records will be taking over Isdead/Deadstream on 15th Jan 2022 on FB, Twitch & Freepvrty. Here`s a little promo mix to feed your appetite!

Riffz – PPJ 005 – The Somnambulist (PPJ Recordings)
Dubious – Time Machine E.P – Above the Clouds RMX (Self Released)
Stereo Nuttah – Feet First – Strange Tings (Foot Long Records)
Kayaman – Feet First – Chen Zen (Foot Long Records)
Kataguruma – Feet First – Lunar (Foot Long Records)
SoundMurderer & SK-1 – Rewind Records – Tel’embodanustyle
SoundMurderer & SK-1 – Rewind Records – Call Da Police

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