2 hours jungle mix by DJ Trax from UK.
DJ Trax started Drumming at 7, DJing at 12 and at 15 he formed the hip hop group Mixrace with two MC`s. He has DJ`d in many cities across Europe and run nights through out this time. Trax also released on Outsider Music, Ocyris, Paradox Music, AKO Beatz, Omni Music, Skeleton, Transmute, Mole, Tempo, Next Phase, Repertoire, OSR, Subvert Central, Subtle Audio, Crisis, Misspent Music, Scientific, Syncopathic Recordings and my own label Audio Buffet.

Over the years as well as Paradox Trax has collaborted with Naibu, Ricky Force, Nucleus, DSP, Macc, Infest,Cryogenics, KJ Sawka, Becki Biggins + Enjoy.

Paradox – Drum Throne – Forthcoming on Paradox Music
DJ Phantasy – Hippodrome
Freedom Of Sound – A Big Kiss
The Future Sound Of Hardcore – Eden
Roni Size – Time Stretch
Plasmic Life – Seductive Orgazm
Johnny Jungle – The Devoted Drummer
Andy C – Slip N Slide
Majistrate – Big Tings
Omni Trio – Nu Birth Of Cool (Rouge Unit Mix)
Red One – The Futurist
Hyper On Experience – Half Stepper
FBD Project – Shes So (Revistited Mix)
Justice – More Air
Axis – Ill Mansion Jazz – Forthcoming on Okbron
Abstract Drumz – Ethreal – Forthcoming
Fortitude – Conditioning – Forthcoming
Fada – Life in a Photograph – Ballpack Recordings
Theory – Trust Me – Forthcoming on AKO Beatz
Abstract Drumz – Fuck Society – Forthcoming
Pixl – Depth Charge – Forthcoming on Jungle Syndicate
Pixl – Depth Charge (Tighten Up Version) – Fc on Jungle Syndicate
Fortitude – Entrenched – Forthcoming
Fada – To Hell in a Handbasket – Ballpark Recordings
Bungle – Light Sequence – Forthcoming on Okbron
Deep Blue + Blame – Transitions
lls + Solo – In The Area

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