First up, we are happy to bring you the first thing by Remarc on wax in years. When he agreed to remix Iron Dub by Dr. Colossus we were very excited and the results do not disappoint. OG amen sound murderer in full effect. Next on the plate is Aaron Spectre. Respect This Sound is a stone cold instant classic with the level of quality of you should expect if you know his music. This track has been destroying it live for a few months now. I had been sitting on the next tune, a gem by General Waste & Complicit, for a while now and I am excited to finally get it out there. Super tight and precise mash up jungle full of inspired twists. Finally because we like to keep it interesting here, Kinsugi brings a unique style, a sort of mashup jungle breakcore garage tune. This is the first release from this guy, expect more soon with his EP in the bag and coming soon.

And all this pressed up on a beautiful looking yellow vinyl or a great sounding digital download mastered with analogue gear. Buy this digital or vinyl release here on bandcamp.

A1 – Dr. Colossus – Iron Dub (Remarc Remix)
A2 – Aaron Spectre – Respect This Sound
AA1 – General Waste & Complicit – Ruff Rugged and Phat
AA2 – Kinsugi – Rust (Instrumental)

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