The Celebration of Life crew is back (after their first release) for its second release in support of betterment practices through positive mind-state awareness.

The song is titled ‘Think Positive’, which is dedicated to Baby Love ‘Jaden, the son of Charlene Mulhern. Jaden is featured in the beginning of the Celebration of Life video with his sister Taya (Gucci). The tune became an instant classic, since its live debut last year at the Ministry of Sound performance – hosted for the Jungle Fever party, though no one has had the opportunity until now to play it out.

The track is produced by Fleck, mixed & mastered by renowned music producer Aries & features legendary Birmingham roots vocalist Joseph Lalibela singing the hook along with Sweetie Irie, Navigator, Ragga Twins, Tippa Irie, Johnny Dolla and Alaska MC. The release is also accompanied by two remixes from Social Security and Lion Dub.

You can buy this release on Dolly Recordings here.

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