Duburban, a DJ/producer combo whose output to date has touched on both dub and sub-heavy jungle revivalism. It’s the latter they wallow in here, delivering a quartet of typically dub-wise rinse-outs. Opener “Butcher Shop” brilliantly flits between half-time hip-hop vibes and rip-snorting early ’90s style ragga jungle madness, before “Real Ganjaman” peppers a punchy jungle riddim with toaster chat samples, spaced-out dub electronics and jangling reggae piano. The wobble bass propelled “Bam Bam” sounds like a clattering ragga-jungle anthem in waiting, while closer “Youthman In The Ghetto” does a good job in fixing soulful reggae vocal samples and jaunty dub samples to a bowel-bothering bassline and more sharply edited breakbeats.

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1 Duburban – Butcher Shop
2 Duburban – Real Ganjaman
3 Duburban – Bam Bam
4 Duburban – Youthman In The Ghetto

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