This is a huge 20 tracks LP released on Sound so Fierce Records with following tunes:
Buy this LP on Bandcamp here.

Days Of Aspasia – Hejira Version
Bionic Man – AxH
Street Level – Skru
Mi Gusta – Medit8 & Ominus
Computer Culture – Dubz 808 (Tank Dubz & ED808)
Kill Any Bwoii – Jahganaut
Naturally – SixFootUnda & Uncut
Junglist Soldier Rise Up – Grimmkeys
Suzy Wong – Left Lucas
Slaughtah – BC Rydah
Not A Love Song – Xluther
Ganjaman – Rudical
When We Killah Sound – Medit8
Metal Dread – Skru
Magnificent – XubconxiouX
Lost My Way – AxH
Now Here Dis – Ominus
Soundclash Bizness – Nickynutz
The One With The Stuff – Rudical
What Part Of The Jungle You From – Grimmkeys

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