Raggajungle.biz – Shop: new articles arrived

New shirts, new hoodies, new logos, new colors – its all about RAGGAF***INJUNGLE!

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Party: 3TAKTER VOL. IV – leipzig/germany

Ulan Bator, Plug Dub Soundsystem and Vibes Ambassadors startin this year with a wicked booking: Marcus Visionary and Dandelion Soundsystem. […]

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Review: Red Bull Culture Clash 2014 in London

The winner of the Red Bull Culture Clash 2014 in London is the wicked wicked Rebel Sound with David Rodigan, Chase & Status & Rage & Shy FX. […]

#JUNGLEWAR & Killa Podcast 80

Jungle producers from around the world start a #junglewar.
A quick search of the #junglewar hashtag on Soundcloud reveals hundreds war dubs including DJ K, Faul, Shaka-Itchi, Blue Hill, Fleck, 6Blocc, Om Unit … […]

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Event: War On The Floor 2 – The Big Bass Defending

2 Crews: M12 Crew vs. Team all you can Beat
4 Rounds: Introducing, “Ragga”-wise, Special-ting, Riddim Up! […]

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Event: 25.10. 2014 – The Forum, London: Congo Natty + Dillinja + Mala + Mungos Hi Fi

This Autumn, Soundcrash proudly presents one of the heaviest lineups of 2014.

With an enhanced sound system brought in especially for this […]

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Amadeus – Lovewize Euro Tour 2013

Now booking my LOVEWIZE EURO TOUR 2013! Spreading the Dubwize vibes across the pond! […]

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8 Years Raggajungle.biz: WIN Raggajungle.biz – package

Wow, thanks all for the friendly feedback. Today D.I.S and I decided, who got a package. All 8 winners got an email […]

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Free Tunes by Tester / Trilogy Sound

Tester decided to upload his entire discography and a massive amount of unreleased tracks from over the years. […]

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Vote: Top 2012 Mixes on Raggajungle.biz

The voting is over! Thanx to over 1100 voters! The winner is Maxtreem again with his mix “Dubplate Attack” and 304 votes. […]

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new feature: Raggajungle-Labels

To support producers all over the globe and their releases Raggajungle.biz bringing to you a new category: the Raggajungle record labels. […]

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updated: RaggaJungle.biz – App

If yuh have a smartphone with Android feel free 2 use our Raggajungle.biz-app with over 4.000+ downloads. […]

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Soundflow – Festival

Soundflow is coming rumbling underground ready to burst out into the sunshine of summer 2012. […]

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Top 2011 Mixes: The Winners Are…

The voting is over! Thanx to all 1500 voters! The winner is Maxtreem with his mix “Champion Sound” […]

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Raggajungle Samples – Resource

Here is a little list of samples you can use for raggajungle/dubwize/dnb-productions […]

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RJ.biz-Clothes: 10% on everything red!

If you like Raggajungle.biz, red is the right color for your hoodie or shirt. […]

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Bludclot Recordings

Bludclot Recordings is back up and running and fully accessible at its new/old location and will remain as such for quite […]

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Knowledge Seba Remix Competition

Swedish producer Seba (Sebastian Ahrenberg) has established a reputation as one of the finest purveyors of quality drum & bass […]

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Top2010 Mixes: winners are…

This is a selection of the most commented mixes in 2010 or we prefer. […]

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Run Tingz Recordings – new website

Check out the brand new Run Tingz-website outta bristol/uk @ runtingzrecordings.co.uk with releases, pictures, events, videos, clothes- & vinyl-shop. […]

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Review: Amadeus Mini Europe Tour

This year the Euro Tour was cut short by the fact that i had run out of vacation days, and was only able to spend about two weeks in europe for touring. […]

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Run Tingz Competition – Win a free pair of tickets

In commitment to the Jungle and Drum n Bass scene in Bristol UK, Run Tingz Recordings is teaming up with Champion Sound […]

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4-24-10 Dub Chamber Records – Live Radio Broadcast

when: 4-24-10 from 10pm-1am Pacific Standard Time
what: Ragga Jungle / Jungle / Old Skool / DnB – Live Broadcast […]

Amadeus – Euro Tour 2009 – Blog

The full tour blog featuring my impressions of the tour, a ton of pics and a bunch of videos is now online in all it’s glory and splendor… […]

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Killa North American Tour 2010 – DJ K & Mighty Melody

After a successful year-long tour across the Atlantic, DJ K & Mighty Melody will be touching down in Canada and the U.S. for the months of February and March 2010. […]

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