Monthly Purple Haze Show @

Each 1st Friday 1 PM UK time MOZDJ showcases latest in Jungle/DnB scene alongside good number of special guests!Read more

Results Top 2015 Mixes on

The voting is over! Thanx to over 500 voters! The winner is Andrey HoT with his “Babylon Promomix 2015” and 166 votes.Read more

Yardrock Remix Competition

Remix the amazing “Know how Fi Chat” by Soulculture and Choppah and win loads of goodies and your track officially released on Yardrock.Read more

Vote: Top 2015 Mixes on

This is a selection of the most viewed mixes in 2015 on With this vote we wanna support all our jungle-friends and -dj’s who...

Event: WOTF Cup – The Big Bass Defending 3

RAGGAJUNGLE.BIZ & RUFF-E-NUFF present “WAR ON THE FLOOR” – Cup, Pt. 3! Soundclash Ting again! Read more

Junglist Network – Shop

The Junglist Network shops sells some of the biggest brands in Jungle DnB. Including Junglist Movement, THTC, Playaz, Yardrock, RCFF as well as their...

New – Logo

Here we go! After 3 different logos and over 10 years in the bizz it is time for a new logo design. This vector logo is painted by the one and only...

A beginner’s guide to Jungle Music by DJ K

When I meet new people, the inevitable question always is: “what do you do?”. Most can grasp the concept of what a DJ is, and with a little...

Event: We Love Jungle – Award Ceremony (21st Aug. 2015 | London)

We Love Jungle are launching the first ever award ceremony to celebrate over 25yrs of Jungle music heritage. We Love Jungle are honoured to announce... – Shop: new articles arrived

[fusion_text] New shirts, new hoodies, new logos, new colors – its all about RAGGAF***INJUNGLE! Read more

Party: 3TAKTER VOL. IV – leipzig/germany

Ulan Bator, Plug Dub Soundsystem and Vibes Ambassadors startin this year with a wicked booking: Marcus Visionary and Dandelion Soundsystem.Read more

Review: Red Bull Culture Clash 2014 in London

The winner of the Red Bull Culture Clash 2014 in London is the wicked wicked Rebel Sound with David Rodigan, Chase & Status & Rage & Shy...

#JUNGLEWAR & Killa Podcast 80

Jungle producers from around the world start a #junglewar. A quick search of the #junglewar hashtag on Soundcloud reveals hundreds war dubs including...

Event: War On The Floor 2 – The Big Bass Defending

2 Crews: M12 Crew vs. Team all you can Beat 4 Rounds: Introducing, “Ragga”-wise, Special-ting, Riddim Up!Read more

Event: 25.10. 2014 – The Forum, London: Congo Natty + Dillinja + Mala + Mungos Hi Fi

This Autumn, Soundcrash proudly presents one of the heaviest lineups of 2014. With an enhanced sound system brought in especially for this Read more

Amadeus – Lovewize Euro Tour 2013

Now booking my LOVEWIZE EURO TOUR 2013! Spreading the Dubwize vibes across the pond!Read more

8 Years WIN – package

Wow, thanks all for the friendly feedback. Today D.I.S and I decided, who got a package. All 8 winners got an email Read more

Free Tunes by Tester / Trilogy Sound

Tester decided to upload his entire discography and a massive amount of unreleased tracks from over the years.Read more

Vote: Top 2012 Mixes on

The voting is over! Thanx to over 1100 voters! The winner is Maxtreem again with his mix “Dubplate Attack” and 304 votes.Read more

new feature: Raggajungle-Labels

To support producers all over the globe and their releases bringing to you a new category: the Raggajungle record labels.Read more

updated: – App

If yuh have a smartphone with Android feel free 2 use our with over 4.000+ downloads.Read more

Soundflow – Festival

Soundflow is coming rumbling underground ready to burst out into the sunshine of summer 2012.Read more

Top 2011 Mixes: The Winners Are…

The voting is over! Thanx to all 1500 voters! The winner is Maxtreem with his mix “Champion Sound”Read more

Raggajungle Samples – Resource

Raggajungle Samples – Resource Here is a little list of samples you can use for raggajungle/dubwize/dnb-productionsRead more 10% on everything red!

If you like, red is the right color for your hoodie or shirt.Read more

Bludclot Recordings

Bludclot Recordings is back up and running and fully accessible at its new/old location and will remain as such for quite Read more

Knowledge Seba Remix Competition

Swedish producer Seba (Sebastian Ahrenberg) has established a reputation as one of the finest purveyors of quality drum & bassRead more

Top2010 Mixes: winners are…

This is a selection of the most commented mixes in 2010 or we prefer.Read more

Run Tingz Recordings – new website

Check out the brand new Run Tingz-website outta bristol/uk @ with releases, pictures, events, videos, clothes- &...

Review: Amadeus Mini Europe Tour

This year the Euro Tour was cut short by the fact that i had run out of vacation days, and was only able to spend about two weeks in europe for...

Run Tingz Competition – Win a free pair of tickets

In commitment to the Jungle and Drum n Bass scene in Bristol UK, Run Tingz Recordings is teaming up with Champion SoundRead more

4-24-10 Dub Chamber Records – Live Radio Broadcast

when: 4-24-10 from 10pm-1am Pacific Standard Time what: Ragga Jungle / Jungle / Old Skool / DnB – Live BroadcastRead more

Amadeus – Euro Tour 2009 – Blog

The full tour blog featuring my impressions of the tour, a ton of pics and a bunch of videos is now online in all it’s glory and splendor…Read...

Killa North American Tour 2010 – DJ K & Mighty Melody

After a successful year-long tour across the Atlantic, DJ K & Mighty Melody will be touching down in Canada and the U.S. for the months of...

Knowledge | Top 10 Ragga Jungle Tunes Of 2009

The year of 2009 has brought copious amounts of heavy tunes from all over the globe ranging from the nether regions of North Dakota, USA to...

PsychoRadio: ON AIR with the finest in RaggaJungle, Dubwise, D’n’B, DubStep and Reggae

Yo, Raggajungle.bizzle add the great Psychoradio into the sidebar of the mainpage. Click the icon to listen directly the stream with your player or...