The ‘We Love Jungle Awards’ returns to London for the 3rd edition of their annual award ceremony with a jungle event of epic proportions. Proving that this London born sound, now over a quarter of a century old, is still vibrant, beloved and ever-evolving. Artists from across the globe will descend on Scala In London on Fri 26th January to create a jungle party on a scale that has never been seen before.

Location: Scala, London N1 9NL
Date: Fri 26th Jan
Time: 9.30pm – 6am
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Performing live at the event will be M Beat, General Levy, Dawn Penn, David Boomah, DJ Randall, Kenny Ken, Potential Bad Boy, Remarc, Ragga Twins, Grooverider, Brockie & Det, Nicky Blackmarket, Mark XTC, Ray Keith, Bladerunner, Doc Scott, Bryan Gee, Uncle Dugs & Jono D, Shabba D, Navigator, Aries, Kelvin 373, Chopstick Dubplate ft. Demolition Man & Yush, Gold Dubs, Gardna, Shimon, Serial Killaz, Dr S Gachet, Equinox, Stretch, Hybrid, K-Jah, Papa Gee, Lavery, Rumble in the Jungle, Fearless, Bassman, Moose, Cheshire Cat, Blackeye, Virgo Don, Junior Dangerous, Deanie Rankin, Supa MC.

The performers, nominees and industry guests will be joined by thousands of dedicated jungle supporters to create a truly unique event, spread across the 4-arena complex at Scala. This is not a conventional ‘sit-down’ style awards event, the award ceremony takes place at 11pm for 90 mins, once the formalities are taken care of, the stage will play host to artists who have made a huge contribution to the scene alongside emerging new talent. This is certainly more than just another jungle night.

The We Love Jungle Awards represent the pinnacle of lengthy campaign that has seen thousands of jungle lovers from across the globe contribute by casting their vote. We Love Jungle is a permanent celebration of jungle music, curating and creating exclusive content for an ever-growing online community.

Whilst the passion for jungle music has never diminished in many areas, the last few years have seen a massive resurgence with a new generation discovering and reinterpreting the sound of the 90s. A global music scene now sees 20+ year old tracks rubbing shoulders with contemporary productions as new artists join the ‘Old Guard’ of DJs and producers.

Artists from many different UK underground genres credit jungle as their inspiration and often their first musical foray. Grime founders such as Wiley and Dizzee Rascal both started out as jungle DJs/MCs in the late ninties and jungle was hugely important in the creation of dubstep in the mid-noughties. Many artists and listeners are turning back to the roots of UK urban and dance music. Reinventing the sound and pouring over the seemingly infinite number of vinyls that were released between 92 and 95. 2018 is set to be a year where jungle music is once again at the forefront with DnB/Pop crossover acts such as Chase and Status hinting at a return to their musical roots.

Many of the acts are performing unique and noteworthy sets. Established DnB artists who began in jungle such as Randall, Brockie and Det, Grooverider, Doc Scott, Shimon, Bryan Gee and Ray Keith will all be playing retrospective sets. This night will also pay homage to key artists who are unfortunately no longer with us. Mark XTC will play a tribute set for Marcus Intalex who sadly passed away last year whilst Nicky Blackmarket is playing a tribute to MC Stevie Hyper D who despite passing away over a decade ago, is still considered one of the best talents ever to grace the mic. Fans of the legendary AWOL night will be pleased to see AWOL resident Dr S Gachet performing a set that harks back to the early 90s, when jungle was king.

‘We started We Love Jungle as a response to the fans who were desperate for a place to connect with each other and share their passion for jungle music. Year on year we have seen a surge in interest for jungle music, our intention is to showcase as many artists as possible and keep the jungle flag flying high’
Aman Nagra – We Love Jungle Co-founder

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