Disrupt Records presents: History of Jungle Show!

Featuring residents Pesk, Danalog & Harry G serving up a selection of the finest vinyl & digital from way back when through to the present and beyond, regularly featuring unreleased and forthcoming music from across the globe, including very special guests throughout, live each week from 8-10pm on Deja VU FM, London, UK.

The show remains thoroughly in the underground celebrating the very best of the music, with few anthems played and a careful selection of guests that have dug ridiculously deep to present some of the best sets heard, including tracks long thought lost to time, resurected from the acetate, DAT and test press archives to join their place in the history books and keep Jungle & DnB alive.

Previous and forthcoming guests include: Equinox, DJ Flight, Peshay, Marvellous Cain, Paul Ibiza, Stretch, Bizzy B, Madcap, Aphrodite, Mani Festo, Tim Reaper, Threshold, Due Dilligence, Soul Intent, Warlock, Just Jungle/Genotype, The Good 2 Bad & Hugly, Dwarde, Abyss, Fushara, D-Lux, Jerome Hill, Junior Tomlin, MC Blackeye, Thugwidow, Jacky Murda, FX, Pete Cannon, West Norwood Cassette Library, ScanOne, Sicknote & Dissect, Kutmaster K, Hijack, Token/Detrimental Audio, Ben Kei/Dalston Chillies Records, Louise +1, Hughesee, The Jungle_List, Circa96, Luke Handsfree, DJ Future, Timeless & L Major!

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