Congratulations to all artists who were nominated!

The winners were announced at the awards on Friday 26th January and the top 3 from each of the categories are as follows:

2017 We Love Jungle Awards winners:

Best Jungle DJ
1st: Randall
2nd: Aries
3rd: Kenny Ken

Best Breakthrough Jungle DJ
1st: Lavery
2nd: K Jah
3rd: Fleck

Best Female DJ
1st: Magoo
2nd: Dazee
3rd: DJINN

Best Jungle MC
1st: Ragga Twins
2nd: Blackeye
3rd: GQ

Best Breakthrough Jungle MC
1st: Inja
2nd: Parly B
3rd: Blacka

Best Female MC/Vocalist
1st: Eva Lazarus
2nd: Sopheye
3rd: Nanci Correa

Best Jungle Producer
1st: Serum
2nd: Bladerunner
3rd: Tim Reaper

Best Breakthrough Jungle Producer
1st: Benny L
2nd: Dead Man’s Chest
3rd: Lavery

Best Jungle Label
1st: Deep in the Jungle
2nd: AKO Beatz
3rd: Chopstick Dubplate

Best Jungle Single
1st: Jungle Jungle – Bladerunner
2nd: Gundolero – Chopstick Dubplate
3rd: Badman Nah Test – Lavery

Best Jungle Radio Show
1st: Ray Keith – Radar Radio
2nd: Uncle Dugs – #RCFF (Rinse FM)
3rd: Rupture Sessions – Jungle Train

Best Club Night
1st: Rupture
2nd: Jungle Jam
3rd: Rumble in the Jungle

Best Festival
1st: Boomtown
2nd: Sun & Bass
3rd: Outlook

1st: Congo Natty
2nd: Randall
3rd: Digital

Lifetime Achievement
1st: Goldie
2nd: Randall
3rd: Congo Natty

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