Tommy Badman is back with an All Artist mix of The Impostors. Leo-J & Tyrone have some serious tunes under their belt if you have not heard them. They have given him a few tunes along the way to mix into some of his sets, and he has been extremely grateful for it, as the tunes always add another layer to his mixes. There is slower 150bpm stuff but also faster 170-180bpm tracks.

Well Tommy Badman managed to get a written interview up from both of them, which you can read here on Soundcloud.

Broken Glass
Psilocin (Forthcoming on Bandcamp)
Judgment Day
Shut It Off
Diss Ya (Forthcoming on Bandcamp)
All Massive (Forthcoming on Bandcamp)
Bell The Cat
Dopeman (Forthcoming on Bandcamp)
Pick Up Your Spleef
Radar Mapper

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