This is a 100 minutes guest mix Swami made for Green Fingers Records.

Thugwidow- Dominion (Circadian Rhythms)
Nasty Habits-Technology (31 Recordings)
Sully-Solitaire (Keysound Recordings)
Groves, Stranjah-Walla (Deviant Audio)
Sully-Vanta (Keysound Recordings)
Coco Bryce-Ill Behavior Side A (Myor)
Murder Most Foul-Don’t Turn Around (Free Download)
Coco Bryce-One Time Road (Myor)
Sully-Verite (Circadian Rhythms)
TMSV-Papaya Whip
Drama1-Final Sound (Kemet Records)
Coco Bryce-Ill Behavior Side B (MYOR)
Meditator & Msyiamakos-Whale Cry (WhoDemSounds)
Duburban-Barriers (UKJ)
Rebuilder & Msyiamakos-Again (WhoDemSounds)
Sun People-These Days (RUA)
dgoHn-Ninnyhammer (Love Love Records)
X Nation-9 Digit Roots (FDX Black 006)
Illicit-Departures (Hangry Records)
Theory-Rastafari (RuptureLDN)
Abstract Drumz & Peeb- Fire At Zero Gravity (Guerilla Bass Records)
MAC-V-Fear No Evil (Guerilla Bass Records)
Duburban-War of Worlds (Guerilla Bass Records)
Evol Intent-Flipside feat.Blip
J Majik-Solarize (Optical Remix)
Calibre-South Self (Signature Recordings)

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