“National Anthem is an energetic piece of jump-up slash jungle construction that doesn’t hesitate to punch you in the face and its exemplified by the title track, a bass-filled expression of dancefloor hatred which moves in mysterious yet obvious ways. It bangs, basically, as does the rest of the EP, with special mention going out to ‘Nothing But Styles’ featuring Erbman, which is a superbly funky, make-you-wanna-dance type endeavour.”

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1. National Anthem 04:37
2. Conrad Subs & J.O.E – Infinite Style 05:20
3. Conrad Subs & ERBMAN – Nothing But Styles 05:17
4. Conrad Subs & J.O.E – Stanky 05:09
5. Jungle Zone 05:20
6. Defiance 05:56

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