This is a jungle mix by Tommy Badman with the latest Guerilla Bass Records (GBR) tunes and from GBR`s Head honcho MAC-V alongside them, as they fit in perfectly and the tracks he makes are also great in their own right!

1) Acid_Lab – Another Radius
2) Peeb – Iceness (Forthcoming on GBR)
3) Acid_Lab – Reminder
4) Peeb – Purple Heather (Forthcoming on GBR)
5) Acid_Lab – Way Back
6) MAC-V – Disillusioned
7) Acid_Lab – Mindgame
8) Peeb – East Of the river
9) MAC-V – `94 Paradise
10)Jon Tetly – Lost In Jungle
11)Duburban – Jammin Arabia
12)MAC-V – Secret Deals
13)Jon Tetly – Shapeshifter
14)MAC-V – You Decide
15)Duburban – War of Worlds
16)Abstract Drumz – Let Go Of The Earth
17)MAC-V – Blurred Spectator
18)Abstract Drumz & Peeb – Fire At Zero Gravity

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