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Bass In Ya Face – Majestic – No Pussyclot

79 minutes of bangin jungle music by long time friend Majestic from the netherlands.

Bass In Ya Face 2017

This is a jungleroom review of netherlands Bass In Ya Face party 2017 in Sittard with D.I.S, Majestic, Kambo Don, Bong Selecta, Jahstina, MC Sheep &…

Majestic – Footwerk #1 Majestic Preparty

Here is another footwork jungle mix by Mr. Majestic.

Majestic @ Planetjungle – Live Footwork

Majestic's set recording @ Planet Jungle 1-4-17.

Majestic – Jungle Is Massive 3

Warm-up mix for the Bass in Ya Face 2017 edition on 24th of Feb 2017 in Sittard/Netherlands by Majestic.

Majestic – Footwork Jungle Is Massive #14

Latest & Greatest getting you ready all ready and fresh for that year-time shizzle!

Majestic – Majestic Jungle Is Massive 2

Our friend from Den Haag Mr. Majestic killin your housefloor with 35 amenbanger.

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Majestic @ Mash The Fuck Up (Arnhem edition)

Live Hardcore Jungle by Mr. Majestic from the netherlands. Boom!

The Bass Shack 1- D.I.S meets Majestic

Enjoy this amazing mix D.I.S and me done @ The Bass In Ya Face afterparty on 14-2-2015 filled with BANGER after BANGER!

Majestic – Footwork Jungle is Massive series

Our bro Majestic is droppin a mix-series called Footwork Jungle is Massive. Listen to all a dem!

Videos: Majestic live with Stivs, JBostron, Bong Selecta, MC Sheep…

Bong-selecta meets Majestic feat. Mc's Noia & Sheep @ Mass Productions meet Bass in ya Face 15-6-2012

videos: Bass In Ya Face 2011 Full Sets Footage

Bizzy-B b2b Equinox feat. MC Quest-One & MC Noia