79 minutes of bangin jungle music by long time friend Majestic from the netherlands.

01.Lighter 2018 – Joey Brukshot
02.Simply Dread – Gangster BitchesSimply Dread
03.Herbalist (DubStudioMaster) – Vandal
04.All My Life (STOMPER) – Stereo Nartzi
05.Kill Ya Now – Sariuo
06.Awfully deep – Pzg & Dubsknit
07.Kayaman – Limit
08.Bloodclart Selecta – L3FT LUCA5
09.Wicked – Matzo
10.Junglist Murderer – Antimattare
11.Ding Dong (Sonik boom 10) – Guigoo
12.Stereo Nartzi – Rasclarrt Pussy’Ole
13.Simply Dread – Run Things
14.Kalum – Mad Dem
15.Marceline The Drama Queen – Reggaecide
16.Gunshot!! – Antimattare
17.Fucking Stupid – Xluther
18.The HitMan (Stivs Remix) – Marvellous Cain
19.Kartoon – Fire Inna Jungle VIP
20.Veak – Warning VIP
21.DJ Cautious – Big Bloodclart Tune – Deep in The Jungle Records
22.Next hyper (Bob the builder! RMX) – PZG
23.Soundclash ’94 – Joey Brukshot
24.No Sound Caan Tes We – Bong Selecta
25.New Day Dawning – Bong Selecta
26.Junglefever – Jah Children
27.Terrorist Remix – Champa B
28.DJ Stretch – Papa Lover – (Ricky Force)
29.All Junglist Dem Big Up – BC Rydah
30.Daddy Freddy – Bass In Ya Face Anthem (Bman Remix)
31.BIYF – theme Ganjaman Again Dub
32.Brothers Darkness – Double O
33.Theory – Rastafari
34.Tryna Do It 4 Luv – RIFFZ
35.Vocoda – Massive
36.M Beat feat. General Levy – Incredible (Galvatron Remix)
37.ProdigalSon and GeneralMalice originalnuttah
38.Original Nuttah – (Ezekiel bootleg)Shy FX
39.UK Apache aka Nka Abdulwahab – I was a Nuttah (FLeCK remix)

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