Our friend from Den Haag Mr. Majestic killin your housefloor with 35 amenbanger.


01.Routine – Sully
02.Nah try to clash – RIFFZ
03.Roar (VIP) – Krave
04.Torn Up – Billy No Mates
05.Dubplate Style (Original Mix) – Abyss
06.Noose Necked Royalty – Algorithmic
07.Must Re5pect – RIFFZ
08.This Is L.A – Osh-Kosh & Riffz
09.Timestretcha – Msymiakos
10.Two Words – Face-T (Epiphet remix) –
12.Where’s Johnny – Vocoda
13.Lookin Good – Earl Grey
14.The Inna Mind – Champa B
15.The Ludovico Technique – Bio-kem
16.I Will Kill You – Dr…um
17.My Soul – Billy No Mates
18.Crowd Burst – Billy No Mates
19.The Hitman – Marvellous Cain (Jungle Bullet Unoficial Rebuild)
20.Corrupted Emotion – Champa B
21.Shifting Sources – Pixl
22.Guru Meditation – Msymiakos
23.Da Poison – TMG
24.Bun Fire – Bman
25.Prominence VIP – Stranjah
26.Life – DJ Future
27.Dreaming – MC Fats Collective (Serum & Bladerunner Remix)
28.Interference (Original Mix) – Tactical Aspect
29.So Far Away – Reborn
30.Something Unreal (Acid Lab Remix) – Tim Reaper
31.Seems It’s Original VIP – RIFFZ
32.Root Of All Evil – Vocoda & Radaman
33.Go Home Soundboy – Amen Shamen
34.Speed Of Dark – Billy No Mates
35.CTRL+ALT+DREAD – Algorithmic

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