DJ K – Killa Podcast 142

The next episode is ready to listen: Killa Podcast v142 by DJ K with tunes by Jamie Bostron, Beat Assassins, Klute, Bassface Sascha, Liondub, Brisk,…

DJ K – Killa Podcast 139

This one's a heavy edition: strictly sharp, vicious beats! Brand new releases, forthcoming & unreleased bizness - mixed by DJ K.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 134

Gritty westcoast style jungle-dnb with quick layering for the short attention-spanned.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 128

This is Killa Podcast number 128 - the nice & smooth edition by DJ K.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 127

DJ K is back with another edition of his Killa Podcast series - with some dub, dnb & jungle for those last winter weeks.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 125

This is the december edition of DJ K's Killarecords podcast, number 125.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 118

Here is number 118 of DJ K's podcast series with many sick tunes.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 117

New killa podcast edition number 117 by DJ K!

DJ K – Killa Podcast 116

DJ K is doing ragga-jungle + jump-up sets recently, so this podcast is a little taste of what he experimenting with at live shows.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 115

A real bloodclot killing! Here’s 1 hour of amen choppage, ragga samples, clash shouts & some nice throwback styles to the ambient pads of 94.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 107

Sharp amen-choppage & deadly half-time are the theme on this episode.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 106

Here is number 106 of DJ K's Killa podcast series. This time with many tunes by russian producers.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 105

This is a bonus mix – he felt a little guilty for not putting much jungle in last week’s podcast, so here’s an all-jungle edition!

DJ K – Killa Podcast 104

Over one hour of moody dnb/jungle ranging from epic to minimal.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 102

Here is podcast number 102 by DJ K with 18 topatop (for sure!) jungle tunes and remixes inna 45 minutes.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 101

Lots of advance tunes here and just over an hour of the latest epic jungle sounds. Tracklist: 1. Intro live at Beats 4 Love 2. Johnny Osbourne -…

DJ K – Killa Podcast 100

DJ K: "10 years, 100 mixes, so many emotions and amazing shows along the way. Take a wonderful trip down memory lane with me, as I revisit favorite…

DJ K – Killa Podcast 97

A full hour of Spring-fresh new releases from dnb to jungle to atmospheric.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 96

From straight-up dancefloor numbers to minimal dark.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 95

DJ K is back with anotha killa podcast, this time with 34 minutes of dubwize, dnb and jungle.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 91

Forthcoming releases and exclusive dubs, strictly jungle selected by DJ K!

DJ K – Killa Podcast 86

A few interesting finds in here, some exclusives (thank you Shaka Itchi, Saint Kuz, Feyder and Jahoora), something new from the one and only Krinjah,…

DJ K – Killa Podcast 69

All new tunes, extra-heavy edition by DJ K.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 68

Here is the number 68 of the Killarecords Podcast by DJ K outta Leipzig/germany. Boom!

DJ K – Killa Podcast 53 – 55

Just download and listen to the latest podcasts by DJ K. All Killa podcasts you can find

DJ K – Killa Podcast V.51

Jungle Producers Spotlight: Belgium & Holland w/ MONKEYBUSINESS BMAN & 2TIMES + interviews with MAYSR & LIONDUB

DJ K – Killa Podcast 44

DJ K – Killa Podcast V.44 - atmospheric, ragga jungle, hardcore, drumstep

Killa Podcast 46 – discussion edition with Tester

part one with Tester: This Spring I stopped in my home country Canada