Illegal Jungle Crew

Kiev | Dnepropetrovsk | Stuttgart | Tula

members: Andrey HoT (Hot Sound Records, JungleXpeditions, Bad Dog Jungle, Dub Chamber, Russia, Tula), Dj Shk (Dubplate Selectah, Kiev), Dj D-White (Space Unity, Headbangers, Dp), Dj Dusty (Badman Selectah, Germany), Dj Slimjah (Kiev), Dj Rogueshot (Dp)


Jigsore Sound
Bristol | UK

Style: Ragga Jungle Start djing: 2004 Birthday: 25/12/1986

Gone JahMen Crew

California | USA

A mysterious sect of selektas out of the Inland Empire, Southern California who have come together to rise above the average dj and mash-up da place!

General Malice

Minneapolis | USA

General Malice continues to pave the way for the Hardstep – Bboy jungle sound. The General Malice sound has garnered an army of rugged junglists from LA to Tokyo.


One Shot Sound
Toledo | Spain

style: Ragga Jungle / Dubwise started: 2008 birthday: 02-11-1983


Liverpool | UK

style: Reggae / Ragga / Jungle / DNB started: 1995 birthday: 25/02/1978 labels: Congo Natty Knowledge & Wisdom Serial Killaz Recordings Run Tingz Recordings New Vibe Necessary Bass Necessary Mayhem


Basswerk Records, JungleGrowers
Mannheim | Germany

Style: RaggaJungle, DNB, OldSkool Start: 1993 Birth: 1976


Serial Killaz
Athens | Greece

FLeCK is an electronic music producer and Dj, signed to Serial Killaz Recordings, member of Kings Hi Fi soundsystem and the Bristol collective Boom Sound. Style: Jungle / Dubwise Start producing: 1997


Rotterdam | Netherlands

Genre: Jungle, Breakcore, Hardcore, Rave style: Jungle started: 1991 labels: Planet Mu, Kool.Pop, Murder Channel, Prspct RVLT, Hong Kong Violence, Mindbender, Sprengstoff, Clash


Gone JahMen Crew
Nizhny Novgorod | Russia

style: Dancehall, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Reggae started: 2006 birthday: 29th july 1988


Wasted Jungle Youth
Hannover | Germany

style: jungle, raggajungle, dubwize, dubstep started: 2009 birthday: 11.01.1993 labels: Kings Connect Recordings, Afrobass Records, HiHeadz, Big Buddha Beats, Deep In The Jungle


Oxford | UK

Styles: Jungle/Drum & Bass Started: 2009


Manchester | UK

labels: Sub-Woofah Records, In Da Jungle, Jungle Xpeditions, Born on Road style: Ragga & Oldskool Jungle started djing: 2004 birthday: 28/09/89

El Richee

Winnipeg | Canada

style: Ragga-jungle / Reggae / Dancehall started: 2009 birthday: april 11, 1991


Ua Jungle Lions Crew
Kiev | Ukraine

style: Raggajungle / Dubwize birthday: Dec 07 12.1992 started: 2007


Satta Sounds
Midlands | UK

Label: Jungle Cat, Satta Sounds Style: Jungle/Ragga-Jungle/Clash/Hip Hop Started: 2002 Dub-Liner brings the fire with high energy mixing, heavy jungle selection and dubplates galore.


Brain Crew
London | UK

style: Ragga Jungle Amen my Brother started djing/producing: 1986 birthday: 1973


Athens | Greece

style: Raggajungle, Breakcore, Dubstep started: 2004 labels: FIREPOWER RECORDS, MECHANOID AUDIO, NEVER SAY DIE

Dirty Skank Beats

Porto | Portugal

Dirty Skank Beats is a Producer making the fusion of Dancehall and Reggae with Drum & Bass, Jungle and Electronic Music. starting djing: 2000 birthday: 06/09/1983

Direct Feed

Long Beach | USA

style: ruff and tough amen cut up / smooth dub style dj-crews: Ghetto Life / Herbin’ / Humdruma / DubChamber / Warlord Dupblate / Jungle Riddem / Owned Clothing / GoneJahMen / Ragga-Tek / Relentless Audio / x13 started: 1996 birthday: aug 1978


Swindon | UK

style: ragga jungle, old school jungle crews: psychoradio/konflict radio/creepy cuts/Jungle Knights started: 2000

Daft ‘n’ Daze

Nuremberg | Germany

members: Mr. Erb, Dr. Gunjah style: Ragga Jungle/Dnb, House starting djing: 1997


Ruff E Nuff / Jungle Lion Sound
Chemnitz | Germany

Co-Founder of Style: Jungle, Raggajungle, D&B, Dub, 140, all kinds of BreakBeat Start: 1996 Birth: 1979

Criminal Sound

Buffalo | USA

KillSound aka Criminal Sound has been a Buffalo, NY Staple in the Drum N Bass scene for 20 years running.

Congo Natty

aka Rebel MC
London | UK

Jungle-MC Legend Watch the Jungle Lion roar in this time, and make sure you keep up to date on the latest manifestations of the Junglist movement.

Codec 7

Cologne | Germany

style: Dubwise, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Afrobeat, Trap birthday: 25/07/1977 started: 2001

Jacky Murda

Chopstick Dubplate
London | UK

International label and collective Chopstick Dubplate perform live original soundsystem music for all the subwoofer massive and crew right round the world.


Deep in the Jungle
Birmingham | UK

Style: Jungle Started: 1993