Don Goliath

Division Recordings
Berlin | Germany

styles: Chiptune, Dancehall, Digikal, Dubstep, HipHop, Jungle, Minimal, Rootsstep, Steppers, UK Roots starting djing: 2001

Jungle Revolution Recordings

Portsmouth | UK

Taking you back to the soundscapes of the early 90s, to a time when music was not so broken into subgenres and categories but was an more inspired and multi-dimensional pallet of sounds that all shared one thing in common, Breaks, Beats, Bass & Vibes. Full Spectrum sounds unrestricted by Bmp the ethos is straight…

Totally Dubwise Recordings

Portsmouth | UK

Established in 2015 the label has gone from strength to strength under the management & keen eye & ear of label boss Dan Subtifuge. Since its inception, the label has hosted a number of prolific Veteran Producers & Vocalists alongside building up Up & Coming Producers & Vocalists from around the globe!

Optikal Dubs Records

Bogotá | Colombia

Optikal Dubs is a label with a philosophy of crossing continents and cultures focused on distribute and promote Electronic Bass Music. Check their Bandcamp.


Vancouver | Canada

Moases primarily play DNB/Bass on Twitch. Moases Massive Monday & Thumpin Thursdays are after dinner (PDT). He providing an inclusive space for all to celebrate music/dance.


Naughty Vibez Sacramento, California | USA

Started djing 1996 playing jungle/drum n bass with artists such as aphrodite, raw, crs, apx1, diesel boy and many more. Catch him streaming at


Etown Junglists
Western Canada

Etown Junglists aka DJ Celsius started in ’93 in Western Canada & play mostly raves, large parties, festivals (Shambala) and is our favourite DJ/Entertainer on Twitch.

Gypsy Kid

Team Brisk
Oakland | USA

GYPSY KID-Bringing the dark underground vibes to the dancefloor here on Twitch. His musical selections bring the heavy bass lines and he’s not afraid to push the underground sound in every set.

X Nation

Brighton - England | UK

X amount of beats! Jungle and DnB producer from the UK. Dedicated to the music since the early 90’s.

Conrad Subs

Ipswich | UK

Nominated Best Breakthrough Producer – We Love Jungle Awards 2019

Jungle Syndicate

London / Bristol | UK

Jungle Syndicate is a collective of DJs, producers and promoters bringing a mix of amen infused drum and bass and deep dark jungle breakcore to ravers through our own productions, our mixes, our events and the record label; currently based in Bristol, Leeds and Poland.

Disrupt Records

London | UK

Disrupt Records is a new underground, London based label from the guys at The History of Jungle Show (Deja Vu FM Radio). The label seeks to provide a platform to showcase new and emerging artists whilst sourcing remixes from some of the scene’s biggest.


Rotterdam | The Netherlands

style of music: Jungle, Breakcore started djing/producing: 1992

Timeless Records


Independent record label that seeks to promote the production and distribution of urban and experimental music in Central America.


Organic Soundsystem
Ohio | USA

Style: ragga-jungle/dubstep/reggae Start: 1999 Birth: 08.29.1985


Okanagan | Canada

crew: Pk style: Jungle, -core, Experimental started: 2002

Vlad Cheis

Moscow | Russia

style: Ragga-Jungle, Dubwise, Any Jungle, Mash up, Dancehall, Reggae started: 2000, Ragga-Jungle & Dubwise in 2006 birthday: 25.07.1983

Vibes Ambassadors

Leipzig | Germany

members: DJ Paloma, Ratz-Baddz, Selectah El_P, Stepthat style: Jungle / DnB / Dub(step) / Breaks / Electroswing / Balkanbrass / Conscious-Reggae starting djing: 2005

Vinyl Fatique

Amen Assassins
Long Beach | USA

style: Old School Hardcore Jungle/ Ragga Jungle started: 1996


Melbourne | Australia

Style: the mashing point of jungle, dancehall and breakcore Birthday: 11 dec 81


Trilogy Sound
Atlanta | USA

Style: hard hitting deep bass, mashed up amen breaks and drum n bass styles along with strong culture and soundboy killin’ vocals Start: 1998 Tester has over 20 vinyl releases, amounting to more than 30 individual released tracks and has produced well over 100 original dubplates and VIP remixes.

Supa Ape

Manchester | UK

The Supa Ape sound spans a variety of styles, from earth shaking amen rinse-outs to uplifting dubwise anthems. Expect old school vibes, reggae dub heritage and above all, positive energy inna dance.


Bristol | UK

style: dubstep, ragga jungle core birthday: 18.4.82 started: in 1998 crews: Life4Land, The D.S.C., Born On Road


Illegal Jungle Crew
Kiev | Ukraine

style: Ragga Jungle started: 2005 birthday: 07.10.1987


Dub Chamber Records
San Diego | USA

style: Jungle, Future Jungle starting djing: 1996 birthday: 09-13-1979 labels: Dub Chamber Records / Boomsha Recordings UK / Woofer Cooker


Illegal Jungle Crew
Kiev | Ukraine

style: Ragga-jungle, Dancehall, Dubstep started djing: 2007 birthday: 09.05.1983


Monkey Business
Genk | Belgium

styles: Jungle / Breakcore / Hardcore / DNB started: 2006 birthday: April 8 1991


HumDruma Recordingz
Palmdale | Canada

Style: Jungle, DNB Start: 1994 Birth: march of 1977