Run Tingz Cru

Bristol | UK

members: J-Man / Ricky Tuff / Dossa / YT / Serial Killaz / Breakah / Doubla J / Kursiva / TerraHawk styles: Jungle / Drum & Bass / Reggae


Digital Collective
Wałbrzych | Poland

style: Jungle/Raggacore starting producing: 2006 starting djing: 2010 labels- Deep in the Jungle, Ransaked Recordz, Hi Headz


Mashup Business
Bruxelles | Belgium

Start: 2000 Birth: april 1978 styles: DnB, jungle, ragga jungle, breackcore and dubstep


Montreal | Canada

Style: Jungle, ragga-jungle, DNB Started: 1997 Birth: 1970 labels: Royal Crown, JungleXpeditions, Wikkid Records


Vikings Champion Sound
Oslo | Norway

Style: Jungle, Raggajungle, D&B, Ragga-D&B PsychoFreud has been making drumandbass since 1995 and been DJ’ing since 1999. His tracks are being played everywhere from Europe to both coasts in the US, in Canada, Japan, and the Ivory Coast.

Prodigal Son

Boston | USA

style: Gutter Ragga Jungle/Hip Hop/Dubstep started: 1998 labels: N2O / Freeburning / Big Cat / Warlord Dubplate


Brighton | UK

style: heavy scatty raggajungle, atmospheric jungle crews: Satta Sounds, Tuff-Cut, Unjustified Records started: 2007


Bristol | UK

labels: Jigsore/Hibiki style: ragga-jungle, live junglist turntablism, dubplate started: 2005 birthday: 07-10-1987

Omen Breaks

Nottingham | UK

styles: Hiphop / Jungle 95 started: 2010 label: JungleCat Recordings

Numa Crew

Florence | Italy

Numa Crew is a collective of djs, producers and one mc, pioneers of the Italian dubstep scene and one of the landmarks of the national independent music scene. members: Ago / XL Arge / Botz / Lapo / Leonard P / T.Kay / MC Ninjaz


Lutsk | Ukraine

style: ragga jungle, drum`n`bass, breaks, hip-hop, funk, breackore started: 2010


Animal Breaks
Liège | Belgium

Style: Oldskool/newskool raggajungle, mash-up, reggae, dancehall, ska, dub & breaks Founded: Animal breaks label founded in 2005 Start: 1999 in Montreal, Canada Birth: 1974


Red Squad
Moscow | Russia

Producer, musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer and a selector. styles: RaggaJungle/Footwork starting djing: 2010 birthday: 27.05.1989


Fredrikstad | Norway

crews/labels: Shinobi Jungle / Hi Headz / LLTA / Chopem Down Sound style: oldskool jungle, ragga jungle, dub started producing: 1994 birthday: 1978

Marvellous Cain

London | UK

style: Jungle Drum&Bass / Reggae & Dancehall starting djing: 1988 birthday: 18th – Feb – 1969


Liondub Intl.

style: reggae music, dancehall, hip-hop & jungle labels: Liondub Int’l / / / / Breakbeat Science / Earwax / Irish Moss / Gold Dust / The Agriculture / Lustre Kings / Hoodfamous Music / Collision Echo Beach / Halcyon / Konkrete Jungle / JungleX) start: 1991

Lady Lite

Hasselt | Belgium

Style: Jungle, RaggaJungle, RaggaBass Start: 2000 Birth: 11th may, 1979 Crews: Dedkob, LOOP, 3:rthquake


Big League Sound
Norfolk | UK

style: Jungle, breakbeat and hardcore started: 2000 labels: Fat Ape Jungle, Labelless Records, JungleXpeditions, Animal Breaks, Junglist Manifesto, Bludclot Recordings, Top Drawer Digital, Brains Kan Recordings, Erbal Essence, Paranoid Recordings, Brainfunktrax, Hardcore Lives Records


Córdoba | Spain

Dj, Producer & Turntablist – From the brain to the subwoofer. labels: Run Tingz Recordings, Melting Pot Records, Bass 4 Ya Face, Low Freq MX, Liquid Brilliants, The Pooty Club, UNC Audio start: 2007 birthday: 20.07.1988


Montreal | Canada

Krinjah started producing in 1995 helped to kick-off the ragga-jungle revival with ragga jungle releases like the “Burial”, “Angel” and “Bam Bam” remixes. Krinjah has releases on King Kong Sound, Hand Grenade, JungleXpeditions, Cause and Effect, Tiger Tech and Too Dutty record labels.


GreenBay Wax
Sheffield | UK

dj-crew: Concrete Jungle/Pangaea/Dubcentral style: Old School Style Jungle starting djing: 2002 birthday: 16/04/83


South Yard
Barcelona | Spain

styles: Jungle, Reggae, Raggajungle, Dubwize started: 2002 birthday: 18/12/1984

Kambo Don

Ghent | Belgium

style: Ragga-Jungle, Dubwise birth: 21-12-1976 started: 1994 as Raggamuffin Whiteman Signed to: Hum Fi Drum Recordings, In Da Jungle Recordings, Collective Records, Raffneck Dancehall Junglist Member of: Konkrete Jungle Belgium, Bass In Ya Face (NL)


Ottawa | Canada

Newschool Jungle DJ & Producer in the jungle / drum & bass scene since 1999 starting in Canada and North America and has been touring Europe since 2008. DJ K became famous from releases in the early millenium on N2O and Big Cat Records and later on other labels, as well as over 100 unreleased…

Jamin Nimjah

BBL Sound System
Edinburgh, Scotland | UK

Styles: Ragga Jungle, Raggacore, Raggatek Producing/DJing: 2008 Born – 21/01/1990 Labels: BBL, Erisian, NSA, & Peng Selection, Monkey Buisness, Suck Puck, Stomp! Sounds & Ransaked

Jamie Bostron

Electrikal Sound System
Glasgow | UK

style: Ragga Jungle / Ragga D&B birthday: 04 12 83 started: DJ since 2000 Labels: Yardrock / Totally Dubwise / One Foot Skankin


Bristol | UK

style: Mashed Amens, Roots Vibes starting djing: 2007 birthday: 23 april 1991 labels: Run Tingz/Jungleclone/SouthWestSoundTest Bristol

Marseille | France

labels: Nothing To Scratch / / Jungle Alliance rec. / Hipstep Zulu Worldwide Genre: Break / RaggaJungle / Drum’n Bass starting djing: 1997 birthday: 16 april 1977