The second in our series of Best Herbs of Jungle…
Keep it real, Keep it vinyl, and Keep ur eyes open for forthcoming Lickshot releases,
Bomba Cut 001, and more mixes…big tings inna 2010! Peace and Respect 2 All

Irieginal Abraham- Ganja Gun [Lickshot Dub]
Shitmat- Whitelabel Unity
Warped Dynamics- Lord Of The Amens
Abio Genesis- Abysmal Rhythm
Dialekt- Badman
Nkogliaz- Soundbwoy Killah
Diamond Geezer- Pussyhole Dub
The DSC ft Scion- Burn Down The System
Craveone- Original Sound
Alaba$$$tar- Zu Spät Uffjestanden
Sumone- Hush The Fuck Up
Livewire- Mash It Up
Soundmurderer- Dubplate Murderer
16 Armed Jack- The True Champion
FRX- 061203
The Archangel- Rough And Rugged
Smokah- Bawling For Soundclash
The Archangel & Dub V Dainjah- Ganja Tune
Kip Killagain- Say So jungle mix
Illicit- Give I The Power

192 kbps
61:25 min

Mixed by Junglefever
Selected by Junglefever & Bong Selecta



  1. BOOOOOM!!! Luv it, no prisoners taken, just straight up kick yo’ teeth in vinyl after vinyl!!

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