Bass In Ya Face 2017

This is a jungleroom review of netherlands Bass In Ya Face party 2017 in Sittard with D.I.S, Majestic, Kambo Don, Bong Selecta, Jahstina, MC Sheep &…

full video sets: Bass In Ya Face with Congo Natty & Bong Selecta

Congo Natty feat. Nanci & Phoebe @ Bass in ya face 2012 Bass in ya face 2012 - "The Congo Natty edition"

Vinyl releases: Lickshot 004

The fourth 10" vinyl release features the likes of UK's mighty DSC (Ed Cox + Stivs) and Bong Selecta.

Junglefever meets Bong Selecta – Da Best Herbs Of Jungle Vol. 4

Back with the finest in newskool ragga jungle released on vinyl, here's volume 4 of our Best Herbs Of Jungle series.

videos: Bass In Ya Face 2011 Full Sets Footage

Bizzy-B b2b Equinox feat. MC Quest-One & MC Noia

Junglefever meets Bong Selecta- Da Best Herbs Of Jungle Vol 3

Here's the third volume of our Best Herbs series. Once again carefully selected badman tunage for you to enjoy! Light up a fatty & brock the f*ck…

Junglefever meets Bong Selecta – Another History Lesson In Oldschool Jungle

Here's a second lesson in oldschool jungle. Like the first one, I had no idea what to expect.

Junglefever meets Bong Selecta-Da Best Herbs Of Jungle Vol.2

The second in our series of Best Herbs of Jungle... Keep it real, Keep it vinyl, and Keep ur eyes open for forthcoming Lickshot releases