Here’s the third volume of our Best Herbs series. Once again carefully selected badman tunage for you to enjoy! Light up a fatty & brock the f*ck out!

1.Naphta- Jungle Republic (Ricky Force Relick)
2.Killawatt- The Necromancer
3.Double O ft. Super Cat- Mud Up
4.DJ Taktik- Champion Rmx
5.DJ Bombah- Murderer
6.Jahba + Sumone- Informa Fi Dead
7.Frankus & Nick C- Junglistic Snake (Killing Spree)
8.DJ Scud- Badman Time
9.Capital J- Diss Da Program
10. General Malice- Sensimilia Rmx
11. Krinjah- Bam Bam Rmx
12. Rhygin- Destroy Dem
13. FeyDer & Igit- Mystical Truth
14. Tuffist & Lyon- My Sound (False Alarm)
15. Bagawire- Go Home
16. Killahman Machine- Amen
17. Physe ft. Medit8- The Dark Inside Me
18. Soundmurderer & Sk-1- Telembodanustyle
19. U-Ome- Fighter
20. Illicit- Wikkeder General

Runtime: 64:47 mins @ 320 KBPS

download here


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