Raggajungle.biz presents the top10-showcase in april 2010!
With 10 tracks featuring this month we offer you the chance to vote for your top three choones.

Winners of the march showcase are:
Ramza – Where Is Love (28%, 96 Votes)
Jungle Bullet & Moz – Yeah Man (26%, 89 Votes)
Selecta – Spring Fall (21%, 72 Votes)

brand new dubstep-showcase HERE!!!

You can vote for your top3 choones!
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  1. Been playing Evidences tune at tropical fusion parties, going down well. Originality wins the day…Evidence, Jah Condah, Feyder


  2. dis showcase got nuff mad tunes! respect all dem producers special big up to di admin fi puttin my “Killa nah trace” song up dis month! hope sum a ya like it…

  3. The Evidence tune is definitely the most interesting one this month. Some banging drumwork. Original deadly stuff. Can tell it would spice up a mix nicely. Everything else is a bit by numbers (mine included)

  4. I have to say all the tunes are wicked , but i like the most 16AJ , his tune is very oldskool vibe and nice and inteligent sliced amen break , bless

    Greets from Bulgaria!!!

  5. 16 AJ, Bazia, FeyDer, Drum Unit, HoT and Jah Conda!! respect guys, wikkid stuff but i cant vote for all! I vote for 16 AJ, FeyDer and Jah Conda!!!!!

  6. Jah Condah!!!!YAAAAAAAAHOOOO!!!
    hmmmm…and Bazia too!
    all tunes have sweet, nice and sunshine vibes, very good showcase!

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