Recorded live on a different mixer and soundsystem than before straight to my minidisc, so it’s got some crazy compression and all sorts of improvised cutting. A little post-production and here it is. The sun was shining, the volume was turned up loud and I just let it flow. Some of the biggest epic releases today alongside some of the roughest jungle out there from the biggest names in the underground scene. Keep the jungle fires blazin and enjoy the summer!! 2 and a half years and 20 mixes later, what started as a minor fascination has become one of the longest-running and strongest projects I have ever embarked on.

To mark the 20th podcast occasion, I will now be posting all mixes in 192 MP3 versions, instead of the previous 128’s.. enjoy!

Peace & BIG RESPECT to all producers and crews in the mix, from the no.1 track in the UK charts to the newest comers into the jungle scene.

Tracklist (41:28 // 21 tracks) :
1. Intro
2. Booyaka Crew – Ghetto Youth (1995)
3. Michael Jackson – Human Nature (Makoto RMX)
4. Shock One – Polygon
5. Spor – Aztec
6. Brick and Lace – Love is Wicked (HoT RMX)
7. J Bostron – Forget You
8. J Bostron – Monkey Dub
9. Sixfootunda – Thinking About You Girl
10. Erbalist feat. Cordata & Penzo – Gritty Cats
11. Max Powa – Cotton Skank
12. Wanklerotaryengine – Cook’s Singalong
13. High Contrast – Seven Notes in Black
14. Idoleast – Gygawatts Of Suckers
15. Koda – Jason Is A Threat
16. Koda – Fuck With Tha System
17. Osci – Fuck Da Bomboclaat Police
18. Kid B – All Night Long
19. O.R.B. – Megaforce
20. Nicky Nutz – Thugs & Creme
21. RCola feat. Soultrain – Beat The System

Original shouts by:
Capital J, Myself, D.I.S., J Bostron, Sixfootunda, WRE, O.R.B., Nicky Nutz & RCola



  1. Foto from Cinema=))
    Waiting 4 U again in our City)))
    Really Cool Mix!*ThumbsUP*.
    Restecpa Man!=)))

  2. Great thanx 4 new mix, amazing az Uzual!!!
    glad 2 c Kiew on photo – Ukraine luvz u 2!!!
    BigUp, Killa!!!!!!

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