“RCola lives in Montreal, Canada and plays a high-energy blend of jungle and dubwise vinyls alongside his own original productions.”

“After discovering jungle music on late-night radio in 1997, RCola began producing and playing out as a DJ. In 2002, he co-founded the infamous ‘Chopstick Dubplate’ label with Liondub and Murda and began to release vinyls and tour in 2003.”

“In 2004, he created the labels ‘Royal Crown’ and ‘JungleXpeditions’ and to date has released 25+ songs on vinyl and toured Europe 8 times; playing over 100+ shows in 15 different countries.”

“Rub A Dub Wize” is a 14 track collection of RCola’s hottest tunes including re-mastered versions of his 12″ vinyl collaborations with reggae greats Sister Nancy, Barrington Levy, Jimmy Riley & UK chanteuse Belle Humble.”

“Remixing renowned international artists with broad appeal such as Transglobal Underground and France’s own Aiwa, RCola’s “Rub A Dub Wize” does for jungle and d’n’b what Nasa or Blue Sky Black Death have done for hip-hop; working with a variety of artists and sounds to create a modern day fusion project curated by an omniscient hand at the mixing console.”

Artist : RCola (Canada)
Album Title : “Rub A Dub Wize”
Label : Wikkid Records / Royal Crown
Format: 14 track CD in Digipack


01 “Beat the System” featuring Soultrain
02 “A What a Bam Bam” ft. Sister Nancy
03 “Lost and Found” ft. Barrington Levy
04 “Dancehall Operator” (RCola Remix)
05 “Azeri” ft. Swank (RCola Remix)
06 “A1 Sound” ft. Jimmy Riley
07 “Got Me Trying” ft. Belle Humble (RCola Remix)
08 “Warn Ya”
09 “ABomb Busted”
10 “Flamante”
11 “Lead The Way”
12 “Skimalja” ft. Jamalski (RCola Remix)
13 “Another Wikkid Night” ft. Belle Humble
14 “Kinkee Reggae” ft. Love Jones (RCola Remix)
All music written and produced by RCola except: 04 written by Trans-Global Underground, 05 & 12 written by Aiwa, 07 written by Menoza, 14 written by Claude 9 / R.N. Marley
Mastered by Tim Xavier / manmademastering.com
Copyright 2009 Wikkid Riddim



  1. RCola has undoubtedly created an empire from the ground up. While operating one of the last vinyl distributions in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the few distro’s left in the world catering to ragga-jungle; JungleX supplies the sounds of the biggest labels in the genre to the world, from vinyl to digital releases.

    His own labels, JungleXpeditions and Royal Crown, have given birth and rebirth, to many of ragga’s top artists. Having worked alongside artists such as Top Cat, Demolition Man, Bass Nacho, Sister Nancy and Barrington Levy, amongst others, RCola has provided paramount music for the world to enjoy.

    Ragga Scum (KMag)

  2. “Based out of Montreal, Canada, RCola has been producing for over
    ten years; amassing a staggering discography and loyal fans the
    world over. His multi-faceted experience as a producer, re-mixer
    and DJ are reinforced by his seemingly instinctive ability to make
    the best of each vocalist and collaborator.”

    “Though he traces his inspiration back to the reggae and dub music
    from the traveling soundsystems of Jamaica’s Coxsone Dodd and
    Duke Reid, it is RCola’s deep immersion in the irresistible up-tempo
    pace of the contemporary genre of drum ‘n bass that continues to
    inform his patented uplifting ragga-jungle production style.”

    “RCola’s willingness to track down and collaborate with his favourite
    vocalists is quite rare nowadays. His dedication to recording fresh,
    original vocals, working with session musicians, and creating music
    that showcases live instrumentation and real-time recording values,
    results in his creation of a dynamic and timeless music.”

    “Stellar remixes of The Wailers’ classic “Kinky Reggae”, Trans-Global
    Underground’s 2008 hit “Dancehall Operator”, and Franco-Iraqi dub-hop
    outfit Aiwa’s “Azeri” and “Skimalja” featuring Jamalski are all given
    the complete treatment; finding a new home nestled in the soundscapes
    of RCola’s signature grooves, and fueling his crossover appeal. His
    remix work has also afforded reggae greats Barrington Levy, Sister Nancy,
    and Jimmy Riley an opportunity to shine in a fresh new light.”

    “Rub A Dub Wize” establishes RCola as a bona-fide producer in the truest
    sense. This full-length artist album does for Jungle / Drum and Bass what
    Nasa or Blue Sky Black Death did for hip hop and Thievery Corporation
    have done for downtempo: bringing together a variety of artists and sounds
    to create a modern day fusion project curated by an omniscient hand at
    the mixing console.”

    Steve Lalla (Montreal Hour)

  3. I just got better mailers for the CDs and have
    been able to lower the total price to $15 CAD
    (Canadian Dollars) Shipping + Paypal fee Included!

    $15 CAD = 9.50 Euro = 8.50 GBP = 430 RUB

  4. $20 CAD (Canadian Dollars) includes paypal
    fee and shipping to anywhere in the world!

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