Killa Podcast Discussion episode 6, this time with STEPKILLAH and MISS MIGHTY MELODY. Among other topics, they discuss the difference between traditional music and dj-ing versus new electronic genres and digital performances, jungle (of course), breakbeat, party experiences and more.





Part 1 Tracklist:
1. The Burial – Sasha Khan
2. The Murderer – Omen Breaks
3. Who’s The Fackin’ Daddy – NewKoncept
4. Move Your Body Remix – DJ L.A.B.
5. Da Lickshot Doc – KGBkid
6. Watch Dis (Aries Remix) – Watch Dis
7. Gangster Tune – DJ Vocoda
8. Get Wise – DJ Narcs
9. No Guns, No Murder – Rolling Paper

Part 2 Tracklist:
1. Amen Dub – DJ Rezonate
2. Babylon Know Dem Wrong – DJ Narcs
3. Crunktacular – Psytech
4. Black Sheep – Junglord
5. DTL Intro (jyn jungle fix) – Jynxxx
6. Full of Stamina – Marvin Blue
7. Imagination – Marvin Blue
8. Wicked Style – Marvin Blue
9. Jungle-ism amenmash rmx vip – Stivs
10. Stand and Unite – Jake C + Tom Excell
11. Sting Me Ah Sting Remix – Bluntskill
12. Sugar Water (Beaton Remix) – Nollie Cook
13. The Haun’ Ting – Junglord


  1. For almost a week I thought to almost remove or replace the short intro before publishing, as it wasn’t an official freestyle, only just having fun backstage.. please take it with this in mind.

    I didnt intend to offend anyone or paint the wrong idea. In the end I think it captured the funny mood of the drunken moment and so I ended up choosing last-minute to leave it in there.

  2. Thanks for the minimixes! They’ re pure fire!
    @slo: What did he say that you’re ashamed of? I don’t understand Russian language and I’m quite a curious cat :o)

  3. i am so ashame for my countryman stepkillah for that stupidest intro, if u know russian language- u will understand me.

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