2times2Times started making beats for Headliners with only a Roland MC-303 and a Yamaha SU-10 pocket sampler in the mid 90’s. Not only hiphop but he was also experimenting with Breakbeats/Jungle/DnB.
Always wanted having his own studio. He started buying more synths, effect units and a mixer over the years.
Nowadays a lot is done with software but he still uses synths for certain basslines and stuff.
He came up with the idea to do live sets instead of DJ-ing.
In those days parties were dominated by DJ’s so doing a live set made it different.
Live DnB/Jungle was still kinda new in 2000 but was growing fast.
He formed 2Times and started doing Live shows together with Dj Period (R.I.P) and Mc P-Irie.
Later on P-irie stopped mc-ing and He got in contact MC Miko and Kosmoz.
In the beginning of 2003 Zoocrew started to organise DnB parties in the Boerderij in Zoetermeer and 2Times became a residential act.
In 2004 They performed at several party’s in Zoetermeer, The Hague, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Venlo.
Next to that he did some remixes for FunX Radio and work with Jahva Sound, a dutch Reggae Sound System.
In 2006 things started to get a little boring and there was no more inspiration.
Since the Beginning of 2008 he started producing again but concentrated only on Dubs and Jungle.

Listen here:

1 Dem Search (Jahva Intro) Fantan Mojah
2 Postivie Vibes 2times
3 Red, Gold, Black & Green (2times Remix) Steel Pulse
4 Mount Zion (Ft Laza) 2times
5 Skylarking (2times Remix) Horace Andy
6 All Obstacles (2times Remix) Ziggi
7 Jahva Anthem (2times Remix) Alborosie
8 Punchline (2times Remix) Luciano
9 Interlude 2times
10 Kick Up Rumpus (2times Remix) Colourman
11 Every Tongue Shall Tell (2times Remix) Horace Andy
12 Murder Gets Done (2times Remix) Major Mackerel& Pad Anthony
13 Dub Roots Jungle InterludeBuy – Lee Perry & Mad Professor
14 When Jahva Call You (2imes Remix) Leroy Sibbles
15 The Mission (2times Remix) Stephen & Damian Marley
16 Rule Dem All – 2times & Zomegazeng
17 Ganja Song (2times & Fo Sach Remix) Action Fire
18 Hologram – 2times & Scolex
19 Unno Think Me Done (2times Remix) Admiral Bailey

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