When I meet new people, the inevitable question always is: “what do you do?”. Most can grasp the concept of what a DJ is, and with a little additional explanation it is understandable, that as a producer I can string my own tracks together into a DJ set. But then comes the “oh I get it, so what kind of music?”. What are the chances you have any idea what Jungle is? Slim to none – and although it can be entertaining at times to come up with a description, it gets repetitive. So here it is once and for all – as concise and broad as I can make it. There are a lot of different “takes” or perspectives on what happened – and everyone’s journey was different, this was mine. I intentionally omitted many different story lines (the development of “intelligent” jungle, major-label hits like Goldie and Roni Size, the branch-off of sub genres jump-up, liquid and neuro for examples) to cover (maybe) in a separate occasion.

DJ K is a Jungle DJ & Producer. He has been active since 1999. Read his full article @killarecords.com here.

Maximum respect for this one Boss!

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