Music – Krivak & Charoday
Voice – Nrg D
Wall paintings by 140 ideas –
Photography – fakelol
Mixdown/master audio – Krivak
Montage – Krivak & Charoday

Ina concrete jungle we live
babylon try to mek me a captive
but we stand up for this what we give
to di junglist massive
hold on ca di system we haffi go bun down
hey man why you keep on living by dem plan

Siddung pon di riddim n mi sidung like a king
Iya gwan like mad fyah ou what thing now
ina di studio fi record session again
ca Jah Jah give me power dat a cyan done mi friend
Jump up and put ya ego away
with this pomps n pride no you nah go ina straight way
jump up ca di glory can bring you down
you betta be careful ca dem try fi mek ya wickedman
Wanderer walk ina city dem a think i am a stranger
but mi nevah go astray ca dis is part of mi cover
just give me green light
fi rock n mash dem with dis jungle thunder
all my people fly outta space
rasta people rise up be wise
jungle people mash up di place
hey yo silekta turn up di bass

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