A Jungle driven blend of tracks from all genres (heavy on the reggae of course) with more live effects than you can shake a doobie at, plus dub sirens, beat juggling, and scratching.
This is a Promo mix announcing things to come so we really hope you like it!
Unitary and Dackinc


Frohlocker – Hipbrass
Glenn Miller – In the mood
Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
Capleton – Dash Fire
Manu Chao – Bongo Bongo
Congo Natty Feat Topcat – Original Ses
Gentleman’s Dub Club – High Grade
Bob Marley – Duppy Conqueror
Inner Circle – Bad Boys
The Intelligent Junglist – Double Barrel
Wayne Smith – Under mi Sleng Teng
Max Romeo – Chase the Devil
Super Beagle – Dust out a Sound Bwoy
Parov Stellar – Booty swing
Cypress Hill – Audio X
Seeed – Release
Congo Natty – Kunte Kinte
Bad Manners – Lipup Fatty
Gentleman’s Dub Club – Gentleman’s Sleng Teng
Capdown – Cousin Cletus
Capleton – Wings of the Morning
Easy star Allstars – Speak to me (Breathe)
Capleton – Original Man, Steep Mountain
Mooncat – Strictly Roots
D-Jahsta Sneeze
Bob Marley – Mr Brown
The Good the Bad The Ugly Soundtrack
Bad Manners – Skaville UK

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