1. Yo rasp,
    99% of all my posted mixes you can download for free and without any registrations.
    I saw this problem here too, and I’m 100% with you!

  2. Kinda bad cause this a really, really good radio mix. Just the right of chat, more then enough music to feed the old school obsessives out there.

  3. Just a heads up (and this in no way should reflect on RJ.biz) Jay Cunning and 6blocc/ Smog mixes are kinda dodgy, in that it may be a free download but ya get redirected to other web pages you grant access to your email, your Souncloud account and ya gotta follow this person or that group.
    No. No bumba bloodclat way.
    Either let people download or not, but have half a brain some care concern about people’s digital privacy.
    Done. Off my soapbox. Selah

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