EP: Karlixx – Jungle Cakes 80

Jungle Cakes are proud to present Karlixx, a leading DJ and producer from fast rising Spanish Jungle scene.

Interview w/ Mystic Pulse + Propaah Biznezz 16th june 2k18

The second & international edition of Propaah Biznezz in the new club TRANSIT in chemnitz/germany is ready to party.

Jungle Cakes Release by Mystic Pulse & Punky Donch

This is a two tracks digital release #54 on Jungle Cakes Records by Mystic Pulse & Punky Donch.

Benny Page – Welcome To The Jungle 4 – Compilation

39 tracks, 10 FX sounds and a full mix. This isn't any old slice of afternoon cake you might share your elderly neighbour or distant relative

Release: Jungle Cakes – The General

MC General Levy has been involved in countless projects spanning the UK ragga landscape and his instantly recognisable touch on the mic is always a…