39 tracks, 10 FX sounds and a full mix. This isn’t any old slice of afternoon cake you might share your elderly neighbour or distant relative, this is a seven-tiered wedding cake full of every type of unhealthy, fattening ingredient you can imagine. And we’re not stopping until we’ve chowed the lot. If you’ve feasted on Deekline and Solo’s Jungle Cakes before then you’ll already know how tasty this is; a selection of their own releases and similarly spirited cuts from the scene, all laced with dubwise, dancehall and skank-soaked soul. Highlights hang from every corner but you’d be mad not to peak at Aries & Gold’s soul-flecked massage of Mr Benn, or Dominator & Logan D’s brokeback bust-up “Cowboy” or Serial Killaz’ savage repurposing of Freestyler’s iconic “Entertainer”. High calorie badness.

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