Russia’s Mashed Youths Records are back again and proudly present their 5th release. The Rise EP features 4 dancefloor killaz from famous producers like Krinjah & Baby Demo and upcoming stars Jonny Dangerously & Selecta J-Man. It is guaranteed to set fire on any dancefloor worlwide!

Canadian badman Krinjah needs no introduction. His style has been recognised and represented for years by the ragga jungle scene. His K.I.L.L.I.N.G. tune is a dancehall style tune with a rude bassline, wikkid amens and catchy vocals. Simple, effective and will leave any soundbwoy dead.

Baby Demo is a US ragga jungle veteran and a specialist at creating unforgettable vibes in his music! His general weapons are amens and heavy basslines- His Oh Dc tune is another example on how to make fresh quality tunes!

Jonny Dangerously is making big noise at the moment. Representing the Canadian ragga jungle sound, he comes correct with his Smokahz Anthem. Expect dangerously mashed amens, heavy sub on this banging catchy tune. Lighta inna di air!

Selecta J-Man is a young and upcoming producer from Bristol, UK. His style definitely brings the new skool into ragga jungle! Bag Ah Tingz comes with crazy chopped amens, deep rumbling bassline and sick edits that will make you wanna brock out!

All tunez are mastered by Mashed Youths crew.
Respect to Junglefever everytime!!!

Buy it here.


  1. maybe the best digital release in this scene so far. big up guys, a lot of respect and please, keep on releasing raggajungle.

  2. “smokahz anthem” is the best rj-tune so far in 2011, for me!
    fresh vibes, beats and vocals. well done jonny!

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