The result of the april-showcase, congratz Sia Fu:
Sia Fu – Waan It (28%)
Badweed RMX – Come Fly With Me – Foxy Brown ft. Sizzla (25%)
Bro n Palm – We Are At War (19%)

here comes the new poll for the new showcase for may 2k8!
big up to all di producers, blaow!
You can vote for your top3 choones!
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  1. let me just keep my big mouth shut before i fully know what’s up.. :) forgot i voted for that one this month….

  2. ^^^ yao if it was “theeeeee” tune, then im sure it woulda placed in the top 3.. no?

  3. LOL y’all can big up ‘bad weed’ as much as you want but u should all know that THE tune is ‘PIRATES CHOICE’ by the ‘D.C.S’

  4. Thanks for votes !!!! *** Baby Demo … BOH SELCTAH BIG TUNES MAN!!!*** ALSO
    STIvs & ED COX-Pirates choice !!!! BIG BIG TUNE

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