1. Intro
2. DJ K – I feel like Jumping (unreleased)
3. Wicked Squad feat. Demotion Man – No Guns Inna Dance (wicked)
4. Wicked Squad feat. Lady Saw – Hypnotic (wicked)
5. Capital J – The Big Bopper (unreleased)
6. Capital J – What’s his Name (unreleased)
7. Capital J – Dangerous (N2O)
8. Capital J – Illegal Soundboy (remix) (wikkid)
9. Wicked Squad feat. Ragga Twins – No Police (wicked)
10. Bost & Bim feat. Lil Jon – Snap Yo Judgement Time (Raggamuffin Whiteman remix) (unreleased)
11. Evidence – Jah Jah Love (unreleased)
12. Evidence – Never let you go (unreleased)
13. Raggamuffin Whiteman feat. Robert Lee – Yu Raas Yu (unreleased)
14. Raggamuffin Whiteman – My Princess Gone (unreleased)
15. Paulie Walnuts – Plead my Cause
16. Babylon Demolitionist – Must be a sign (unreleased)
17. Sound Engine – Champions

Huge respect due to the one Raggamuffin Whiteman for the first class hospitality and tour managing, and who spun with me at every gig. Bigup Capital J for the killer cuts, hilarious jokes and to help me keep that canadian perspective when things got so foreign.
Thanks to the good friends I made in Belgium: Flameboy & AK47 for their hospitality, DJ Meche aka Mighty Meche for the tour of Gent, Digital Pervert, Lady Lite & Wasp – see you this summer!!
Bigup the Czech Republic – promoter Suki, DJ Katcha with the crazy liquor and tatoos, Nicky Blackmarket for the conversations on ragga jungle and the Ukranian crew who traveled to Czech Republic

Russia which I already miss dearly: US Promotions, Cheap, D-Mind, Teenka and all the vodka-drinking crew who showed us around, provided us with amazing hospitality and bbq. Launch, hold tight MC Chalice on the mic and all the Russian massive with their energy and unique dancing style, keep jumpin!

Still remembering the most intense 12 hours of my life in Kiev thanks to Stepkilla aka jungle son, Oxana, Anya for being good company most of the night and MTV Ukraine. Much love and respect to the Ukrainian massive who really know how to tear up a dancefloor and make a canadian feel at the best he’s ever been.

Moldova, ya dun know! Chisinau massive in the club, Selecta Bluebell, Alex, the guy and girl we took the bus with way early in the morning.
Much greetz to the sistren Miss Mighty Melody and her girls Julie, Sylvia, Krissi and Ricarda for the German hospitality and unforgettable vibes!

Respect to the wicked squad, osci and alient ant for the incredible experience at flex and exposing my ears to new ragga and hardcore. Check the new bizness in the mix!

To all the European massive and crew for the smiles, shouts, friendships and making it the best experience of my life.

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  1. …still kicking @ time 32:33, office still looking confused.
    this mix contains material not listenable for non-junglist :-)

  2. WTF??? … at this moment: the whole office i’m working for is looking at me jumping ragga-style around… hahaha that masafaka can get high or fuck off die :D


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