Raggajungle.biz presents the top10-showcase in july 2010!
A very nice and sweet summer selection by D.I.S and Mashup, checkk it!
With 10 tracks featuring this month we offer you the chance to vote for your top three choones.

Winners of the june showcase are:
#1: Bina Assassins – Keep Farword (35%, 77 Votes)
#2: Igit & Junglefever – Tribute (21%, 46 Votes) AND Ramza – Calabria (21%, 46 Votes)

Congratz Bina Assassins for the first Win!

You can vote for your top3 choones!
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Feel free to check out the Dubstepmusic.biz-showcase here.

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  1. Really hard to pick favorites always, this month is no different. Great selection of choones, thanks guys!! Big Ups to all da’ producers!!

  2. Maximum respect to RaggaJungle.biz for allowing me into the showcase!!!
    Big, BIG chunes this month, as always!

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