Yesss, the latest 13 jungle-banger in the mix by the russian general HoT. Big tanx mi bredren for this summer promo-mix, boooom.

01. Captain Barkey – Sound Fi Dead (HoT remix)
02. Burro Banton – No Problem (HoT remix)
03. Massicker – If Ah Neva You (HoT remix)
04. Morgan Heritage – People Hungry (HoT remix)
05. Chuck Fenda – Herbalist Farmer (HoT remix)
06. Delly Ranx – Man A Soldier (HoT remix)
07. Sizzla – Pre-caution (HoT remix)
08. Parly B – The System (HoT remix)
09. Raggasapiens – My Alien Support (HoT remix)
10. Mr. Vegas – Heads High (HoT remix)
11. Mr. Lexx – Dem A Pree (HoT remix)
12. Capleton – Liberation Time (HoT remix)
13. HoT – Soundboy Killa



  1. I can’t believe I forgot to comment this one…
    HoT ALLLLLWAYS has it covered in my book.
    Didnt even had to listen to the mix to know it was gonna be good…
    and it was :D

  2. Oh Damn!!! HoT Muthafuckin Selectah >>> Roll Dat Shit Boy!!! BIGUP!!!

    Man i just love how you pack yo tracks with Muthafuckers strait singing their HEARTS out!!!

    Chill, cause you know the chosen youth will
    take over, and control the whole so don’t blow it
    Know it, cause the Guru must show it
    I’ll teach you, reachin each so you’re enlightened
    Emcees are frightened, by what I write in my songs
    Cause I express what I manifest!!!

  3. big choones!!! great mix!! my car is bumpin tha whole summer day with this mix, when i drive around for customer service :]

  4. Super! отличный микс – хот в своем репертуаре, так держать.

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