1. there´s nothing bad on rmxing hiphop to jungle . i see this jungle thing nowadays, wid the vibes of crazy 90ies breakcore movement …all is allowed and everything is possible …producingwise…, and that means djwise …the massive can expect the unexpected ….for me jungle ranges from dubstep to breakcore and all in between(just to try to set the imaginary borders) … yuhsimi? and fuck yes i love this musicstyle even except of the freedom ;)

    this freedom is called jungle! isn´t it? ;)

    respect at all, im glad to be a part of this!

  2. yo stivs,
    i like the choone, and im happy to get unreleased choones by producers.
    and tester asked me to make a remix-vid, and i made it, nutten more :)

    i know the domain ive bought is called raggajungle, but you can also find reggae, dubstep, dnb and other different styles of electronic music. you can call it hiphop-dnb or rapjungle or whatever you want. i like it and i post it ;)


  3. sorry but this is awfull!
    the rmx is basic at best an its not ragga jungle atall!
    why do people keep rmxing wak hiphop an rap off mtv an call it ragga jungle!!!
    sumone explain why this is good an why it should be on a ragga jungle site?

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