Foundation Stepper: Its a grab of well swung bass music i’m enjoying at the moment, sitting at points between dubstep and jungle. records, trackor and delay.
Mix for

unsoundbwoy – dubplate informer
scorn – doors
l.v. + dandelion – takeover
cocojammin – inside out dub
rsd – kingfisher
starkey – stripped/gutted [dj c remix]
quarta 330 – sunset dub
bo marley vs disrupt – wurst dub
tryptomatik – steel riddim dub
breakage – clarendon
benga and coki – night [selekta konekta remix]
dj flack – story of oh [dj c mix]
selekta konekta – kalimba
squarepusher – venus no. 17 acid mix
raggamuffin whiteman – dutty wine and hot fuck [unsoundbwoy remix]
fishstix – getcrawbup [instrumental]



  1. hey man big respect from me and my girlfriend !!! one of the best drum and bass mixes ever done!!

    could be nice to get in contact i mix also a little bit
    i would like to her the track in full sound (/756KB/1024kb/ or maybe flac ?

    mfg. vanruxxx

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