Get ready for the eighth instalment of ‘Deep In The Jungle Anthems’ with an all-star cast as the label bossman calls in two close allies and super-skilled kindred spirits.
First up is the powerful ‘Give It Up’ where Hybrid goes toe-to-toe-to-toe with Conrad Subs and Mrs Magoo to sculpt this perfectly bubbly late 90s Die-style bouncer. Elsewhere the bossman goes it alone on the turbo charged slap-about ‘The Last Bumbaclaat’ before Conrad closes the EP with ‘Keep Breakin’ which is a huge head nod to the legacy of Aphrodite and Micky Finn. Bring on the album!

Buy this LP on Juno here.

1. Conrad Subs, DJ Hybrid & Mrs Magoo – Give It Up
2. DJ Hybrid – The Last Bumbaclaat
3. Conrad Subs – Keep Breakin

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