Next up bringing a fresh dose of New Skool Jungle to the Mix Drop is intergalactic badboy, purveyor of amen breaks and original ruffnek Junglist from Cybertron aka West Yorkshire… Galvatron! With releases on labels such as Deep In The Jungle & Kode5 Recordings, he’s known for keeping sounds fresh and innovating whilst paying tribute to the 90’s roots style and fashion.
Big, bad and heavy!

Duburban & Galvatron – Wickedest Sound | Unreleased
Donnie Murdo – ???? | Forthcoming
The Last Ronin – About Us | AKO Beatz
DJ Sofa & Tim Reaper – At The Controls | Future Retro London
Sully – Verité | Circadian Rhythms
Galvatron – The Chopping Block | Self Released
LMajor – Can’t Do It | Astrophonica
Tim Reaper – Lights Off, Heads Down (Sully Remix) | Circadian Rhythms
Elliott Saloman – Another Place | Choppy Waters
Ricky Force – All I Need | Future Retro London
Specialist X – Present Arms | AKO Beatz
Donnie Murdo – Cantankarous Dub | Lickshot
Duburban & Galvatron – Eleusis | Forthcoming
Worldwide Epidemic & Tim Reaper – Losing Control | Future Retro London
MICKEYRAE – Fly Away | NSA Records

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  1. Jah bless Galvatron, nice to see you defending the Jungle borders in my long absence. Just hope you don’t go round telling everyone I rubbed of on you, dirty monkey. Lovin it keeping it real and our Yard deep in the jungle tradition, it could not be in better hands. Your janky speaker box lugging spa formerly from deckside, Jonny of da Reggae

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