part one with Tester:
This Spring I stopped in my home country Canada and had the chance to sit down with the one Tester from Trilogy Sound Atlanta. A very insightful person with a passion for music and common-sense about the world around us. Sit back and relax and put this in your earbuds, as here is the full unedited discussion where we cover the topics of dubplate voicings, the history of the jungle renaissance, his roots, king screen, dubstep, commercial music and marketing, parties, straight-edge, veganism and a ton more.


download podcast pt.1 here


part two – live in canada:
Demolition Man, Krinjah, Aries, Tuffist, Lucky General, Evidence, Steppin Smight, Saxon, Echo Swift, Woblz
Part two documents some of the run-ins I had with other names in the scene who give me a few opinions and shout-outs.


download podcast pt.2 here

Check out killarecords.com for more info.

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