Supa Ape is a top upcoming jungle producer from manchester/uk and the next selecta in our junglecast guest mix series. In this junglecast number 16 we can listen to 20 wicked jungle amen tracks. 13 tracks are his own productions which are released on UK Jungle, Bill Up Recordings, Unity Sessions and Junglecat – forthcoming releases on Jurassic Records and Peng Selections.
Thank you for your awesome mix!

1) Supa Ape – Greetings From Jah (UK Jungle)
2) Supa Ape – Supa Sharp Shooter Remix (UK Jungle)
3) Supa Ape – YT Dubplate
4) Faul – Narcotics (UK Jungle)
5) Tony Jungle – Jump (UK Jungle)
6) Supa Ape – 3 Meals (Forthcoming 2017)
7) Supa Ape – Boogaloo (UK Jungle)
8) Supa Ape – Hail Di King (Bill Up Recordings)
9) Supa Ape – Blood A Run (UK Jungle)
10) Junglord – Cocaine Epidemic (Forthcoming UK Jungle)
11) Simply Dread – Livin 4 Da Funk
12) Supa Ape – Greenfinch (Forthcoming UK Jungle)
13) Omen Breaks – Straight From The Slums (UK Jungle)
14) Supa Ape – Legend (Unity Sessions)
15) Tony Jungle – Rastafari I Call (Forthcoming Jurassic Records)
16) Supa Ape – Fly (UK Jungle)
17) Omen Breaks – Law of the Jungle (Junglecat)
18) Supa Ape – Come Aboard (UK Jungle)
19) Supa Ape – Street Life (Forthcoming Peng Selections)
20) Supa Ape – Sound a go Dead (UK Jungle)


A Junglecast podcast contains min. 60 minutes of finest jungle tunes by jungle producers from all over the world.

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